Brief Histroy

Imit Nigeria Limited is a limited liability company, which was incorporated in Nigeria in the year 1982 and is engaged in the production of milk and dark chocolate.

The company carries out its manufacturing processes at Block BB2, Lagos State Small Scale Industrial Estate, Fatai Atere way, Matori, Lagos, Nigeria.    

Imit Nigeria limited started as a trading company in 1983 selling general goods. Today, Imit produces chocolate, which is branded as ‘Imit’s chocolate’ in consumable bar, pastes, and in bulk quantities for raw materials in the confectionery industry in Nigeria.

Our Vision

is to be a leading brand in the production of pure quality chocolate in Africa.

Our Mission

We hope to preserve for the populace the ancient pleasure derived from the consumption of real chocolate and this is why our carnival brand recipe does not include any form of chocolate substitute ingredients e.g vegetable fats and oils.

To achieve this mission, the company has expanded its operations to include Milk chocolate paste in sachet in order to make real chocolate available to Africans irrespective of the weather conditions. The sachet line is a mass-market oriented product packaged in a size that is affordable to all.

Product Quality

Our machines are manufactured by leading manufacturers of chocolate machines. Our products are processed under very hygienic conditions in conformity with food processing regulations.

The company is managed by a team of seasoned professionals.


Imit Nigeria Limited is a recipient of the following awards:

  1. 2006 Local Raw material Content Award by Raw Material Research and Development Council.
  2. 2006 International award for the best Trade names (New Millenium Award) by Trade Leaders Club, Madrid, Spain.
  3. The west African Direct Marketing Awards (2006) by Institute of Direct Marketing of Nigeria (IDMN).
  4. West African Merit Award (2006) of processing excellence in milk bars by Institute of Direct Marketing in Nigeria (IDMN).
  5. 2004 Prestigious International Award for Food and Beverages also known as New Millenium Award for quality food product delivery in the confectionery manufacturing field by Trade Leaders Club, Madrid, Spain.
  6. 2003 Lagos State Government African Industrialization Day Award in recognition of her contribution to the industrial development of Lagos State by Ministry of Commerce and Industry.
  7. 2002 Nigerian most preferred market driven dairy product and Baby food of the Year by African Regional Center for Marketing Research and Development (ARCMARD)
  8. Honors award 2002 for Environment friendly industry (small scale) in Lagos State. Theme: give the earth a chance by Ministry of Environment.

Imit Nigeria Limited is a member of the following organizations;
Nigerian Association of Small Scale Industrialists (NASSI)
Nigerian Association of Small and Medium Enterprises (NASME)
The Nigerian-Danish Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture.